API REST Development with MongoDB, NodeJS and Express

In the previous post we analyzed an stack that currently I consider very interesting for developing modern web applications. The front-end of this stack was composed by AngularJS for the browser desktop application, and by Ionic for the mobile application. However, we could choose developing the back-end with some variants, depending […] Read more »

Modern Web Applications Development – MEAN and AngularJS

When we have to develop a web application we need to analyze the technology that we will use and we have to be sure that this technology will allow us to develop the project successfully. To develop the project successfully the technology should provide us some features, such as productivity, functionality, and scalability, among […] Read more »

Realtime JavaScript Stack: nodejs + express + mongoose + socket.io + angularjs

There is a good realtime JavaScript stack, composed by nodejs + express + mongoose + socket.io + angularjs, and I’m going to explain how to integrate these pieces of software to develop a simple web application. The application that I have developed is called VoteExpress, and through this application users […] Read more »

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