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Filtering lists in Angular with RxJs

Suppose that you have an observable that contains a list of elements and you have a text input control. You want that when the user types something in the input control your list is filtered automatically (take into account that this filter is applied in the client side, not in […] Read more »

Course FullStack JavaScript Application with NodeJS and Angular

In this course we will see to create a fullstack application with JavaScript. The backend will be developed with NodeJS, ExpressJS and Mongoose, and the frontend will be developed with Angular and Angular Material for UI components. 1 – Course Introduction   2 – Running the fullstack javascript application in […] Read more »

Angular, Ionic and Firebase Starter Kit

When we have to develop a mobile application, in many cases we also need to develop a backoffice to manage the information that is displayed in the mobile app. The following system is composed by two modules. The first module is the backoffice that has been developed with Angular, and […] Read more »

Local Parse Server + Ionic2 tutorial

  In this video we create a mobile application with Parse Server installed locally in our computer and with Ionic2. Parse Server Parse Server is a server that run on NodeJS, over Express server, and it stores the information in a MongoDB database. By default, Parse Server provides us many features […] Read more »

Spring Boot REST API protected with JWT

Protecting a REST APIs with JWT is a tedious task and, normally, it is quite similar in common projects. To avoid this tedious task I have developed a Yeoman generator generator-spring-rest-jwt that automatically generates the skeleton of an Spring Boot API REST that is protected with JWT. The first step […] Read more »

SailsJS and AngularJS Applications with generator-angular-crud

In this video we are going to see how generator-angular-crud will allow us creating very quickly and very easy new entities for our AngularJS application and automatically will allow us managing our new entities with CRUD operations. generator-angular-crud is based on John Papa’s generator generator-hottowel de John Papa and uses his style […] Read more »

Improve your Productivity with generator-meanjs-table

In this video we are going to see how to improve our productivity with generator-meanjs-table. This generator will allow us create new entities very fast and automatically will allow us to manage this entities through CRUD operations. meanjs-table is a yeoman generator based on the great MEAN·JS generator that displays […] Read more »

MEANJS Demo Application

Sometime ago I started developing manually the following application with the MEAN stack. When I started developing this application there didn’t exist some Yeoman generators that exist nowadays, and frameworks didn’t offer the facilities that currently they offer. As we have seen in previous articles, for developing our projects it’s very convenient […] Read more »

REST API Development with Sails.js

In the previous article I explained how develop a REST API with MongoDB, NodeJS and Express from scratch. We saw that developing an API from scratch is a simple process although it could be quite tedious. We have also written in previous articles that when we have to develop a new project […] Read more »

API REST Development with MongoDB, NodeJS and Express

In the previous post we analyzed an stack that currently I consider very interesting for developing modern web applications. The front-end of this stack was composed by AngularJS for the browser desktop application, and by Ionic for the mobile application. However, we could choose developing the back-end with some variants, depending […] Read more »

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