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Course FullStack JavaScript Application with NodeJS and Angular

In this course we will see to create a fullstack application with JavaScript. The backend will be developed with NodeJS, ExpressJS and Mongoose, and the frontend will be developed with Angular and Angular Material for UI components.

1 – Course Introduction


2 – Running the fullstack javascript application in your own computer

This video explains how to run the API server and the Angular client application in your own computer. You can find the source code of this application in the following URLs:

– Server:
– Client:


3 – Creating a RESTful API with Node, Express and Mongoose

In this video we see how to create a RESTful API server very easy and very fast using this REST Yeoman generator:

We will see that with this generator we will be able to create our API in no time. The server is created with Node, Express and Mongoose and the code generated is very clean and very well structured. It uses ES6 and allows us to manage authentication automatically.


4 – Testing RESTful API manually with Postman

In this video we are going to test manually with Postman the API that we have created. We see how to send to the server all the basic CRUD operations.

We see how to send GET requests to the server to retrieve our entities, POST requests to create new entities, PUT requests to update existing entities and DELETE requests to remove entities.


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