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Angular, Ionic and Firebase Starter Kit

When we have to develop a mobile application, in many cases we also need to develop a backoffice to manage the information that is displayed in the mobile app.

The following system is composed by two modules. The first module is the backoffice that has been developed with Angular, and the second one is the mobile application that has been developed with Ionic

Firebase has been used as backend


Github Angular Backoffice Github Ionic Application



The application backoffice has been developed with Angular. The information and images are saved in a very easy way in Firebase using the AngularFire library. Material design has been used to develop the application UI.

These are the most relevant features of this Angular application:

  • AUTHENTICATION: Authentication is managed very easyly with the help of Firebase.
  • CRUD OPERATIONS: The application is mainly composed by two entities, and the application manages all the operations that can be done with these entities.
  • GEOLOCATION: The applications allows to position very easyly entities inside a map.
  • UPLOADING IMAGES: The applications manages the uploading of files.



The mobile application has been developed with Ionic. It allows to display a list of areas and a list of places assigned to those areas. The places are displayed in a list way and also in a map. The application shows the route to arrive from the current user location to the place.


The application information is managed by Firebase, so we don’t have to worry about servers administration. With Firebase we are managing user authentication, realtime database, files uploading and hosting of the backoffice application.


  1. Hello Jose ,

    This examples are fantastic for the Full stack start up , there are not so many people which share such examples !
    My question is , because I’m new with angular-cli , how is the easiest way to generate , from firebase database / (db.json ) – services , views etc then in the application ?
    Best Regards

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