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Improve your Productivity with generator-meanjs-table

In this video we are going to see how to improve our productivity with generator-meanjs-table. This generator will allow us create new entities very fast and automatically will allow us to manage this entities through CRUD operations. meanjs-table is a yeoman generator based on the great MEAN·JS generator that displays entities in a table form from where you can create, read, update and remove each database record.

The meanjs generator displays database records like a blog structure. However, when we are developing enterprise applications, it’s common that when we create new entities we have to display them in a table form, and from this table we should be able to perform CRUD operations. I have adapted the crud-module subgenerator, so when you create a new module it’s created in a table form from where you can create, read, update and remove each database record.

Note: meanjs-table generator uses angular-formly to display forms so, as we will see below, it’s very easy and very fast adapt our forms to our entities.

At first place, you will need to install the meanjs-table generator:

You have to create a new folder for your project and from this folder you will generate your application:

Next, you will create a new entity:

This will create both AngularJS and Express files supporting full CRUD functionality.

This subgenerator will create an entity with only one property called ‘name’. If we want to add new properties to our entity, we weed to follow these three steps:

  • Add new properties to the Mongoose Schema in app/models/module-name.server.model.js
  • Add new properties to the angular-formly array properties in public/modules/module-name/services/module-name.form.client.service.js
  • Add new columns for the new properties in the HTML table in public/modules/module-name/views/list-module-name.client.view.html
  1. Pando Cabredo says:


    I followed the tutorial but I am getting this error:

    Error: [$resource:badcfg] Error in resource configuration. Expected response to contain an array but got an object

    Please help. Thank you

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