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MEANJS Demo Application

Sometime ago I started developing manually the following application with the MEAN stack.

When I started developing this application there didn’t exist some Yeoman generators that exist nowadays, and frameworks didn’t offer the facilities that currently they offer. As we have seen in previous articles, for developing our projects it’s very convenient to choose those tools that better fit to our projects features. If I had to start developing this application nowadays, I didn’t do it from scratch, and I would choose some tools that help me developing the project.

In next articles I will explain how to develop this application with mean.js.

Demo ApplicationGitHub

  1. Aldi Perdana says:

    Really nice demo application,
    would you like to provide this demo application using sails.js ?

  2. jl_monteagudo says:

    Hello Aldi,

    Currently I’m recording some screencasts about developing this demo application with the MEAN stack (for now only in Spanish). After that, my idea was migrate this application to Firebase and to Ionic (for the mobile version). Maybe when I finish these tasks I could migrate it to Sails, but as I don’t have much free time I guess that I wouldn’t be able to start it soon.

  3. Mahendra Bagul says:

    Awesome Demo!!! Liked it…

  4. Mishit says:

    This looks amazing. Is this possible to develop this using Sails.js and Angular ? Or MEAN.js would be better. ?

  5. jl_monteagudo says:

    Mishit, yes, of course, you can develop this using Sails.js and Angular.

    You can develop your RESTful API with Sails.js and you consume that API with Angular. When you develop with Angular it doesn’t matter which technology you use for the backend, so you can use whatever you want, and I think that Sails,js is a very good choice because you can develop RESTful APIs easily and quickly.

  6. Sheik Asan says:

    Very helpful. Can you please tell me the url where you posted the explanation of this demo application as you said as “In next articles I will explain how to develop this application with mean.js.”

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